Benefits of a Digital Detox

These days it seems more and more difficult to focus. The main reason for this can be partially blamed on today’s hyperactive digital content. Humans witness more data, websites, television shows, video games and instant gratification technology everyday, and it’s only increasing. Sometimes we need to take a breather and just slow down. Stepping away for as little as a few hours to a couple days from our electronic devices can produce positive benefits.

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Spring into Minimalism

Happy Spring Equinox! As the frosty winter winds start to die out. We begin to welcome the renewal of life all around us. I’ve chosen to start my Spring cleaning in a very literal way: decluttering my space at home, work and stream lining the way I pack when travelling. My intention is to surround myself with only the essential items I need, to create a more balanced, focused and purposeful life.

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How to Buy Clothing Ethically

Have you ever stopped to scan the tags attached to your clothing “MADE IN (fill in the blank)” and speculated about the lives of the workers who manufactured them? Or perhaps thought about what their working conditions are like? Are you aware that it takes approximately 2700 litres of water just to make one cotton t-shirt? Even more unimaginable, that 20% of the industrial water pollution is due to manufacturing clothing, while the world uses 5 trillion litres of water per year just for fabric dyeing alone?

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